Saturday, 10 August 2013

Obama's press conference: more lies

At his press conference at the weekend President Obama promised "appropriate reforms" to the domestic surveillance carried out by the NSA.  He also used the term "safeguards against abuse" but it is crystal clear that he does not intend any dismantling of the apparatus that has come under such criticism since Edward Snowden's revelations.  In fact Obama's track record on truthfulness is so patchy (along with almost all administration apologists) that we cannot have any trust in even the weak promises that he made.  The sad fact is that Obama is a liar, just one of many in the US government.

His hypocrisy is mind-blowing.  The extraordinary claim that his administration would eventually have gotten round to reining in the NSA is pathetic in the light of the over 10 year abuses that have gone unchecked until the public was eventually enlightened.  And let us never forget that this enlightenment came from a man who is being pursued by the authorities as a criminal.

Mr Obama: you should be ashamed of yourself.  Not only for such dissembling but also for thinking that you retain any credibility at all.

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  1. Why am I not surprised by the ignorance hypocrites of the racist right? The racist right LOVES to rush to call Obama a liar, and thus love palying hoiler than thou!

    Freedom of speech for elected officials is common, and no one or no President is immune to nasty comments or lies about their character.

    It's one of those dozens of "interesting" curiosities that swarm around Obama
    and always will. Obama did hold Membership in 2 different "bath houses", in
    Chicago. That their clientele were gay, remains undocumented ( as does 30%
    of Obama's entire life, kept secret from the public ). One "seeker of the real truth"
    about 3 years ago, at the height of the Obama web site spreading Obama lies,
    estimated there are OVER 135 "issues" that remain questionable about Obama.

    Not to mention his policies, From the beginning, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has forecast that thanks to its mix of new revenue sources and cost savings, the Affordable Care Act will reduce the U.S national debt. When the new Republican House majority proposed H.R. 2 in January 2011 to repeal Obamacare, the CBO informed them their gambit would increase deficits in the years to come. Since then, the CBO has reiterated in its projections that Obamacare will reduce the national debt:

    On net, CBO and JCT estimate, repealing the ACA would increase federal budget deficits by $109 billion over the 2013-2022 period. Repealing the coverage provisions discussed in this report would save $1,171 billion over that period, but repealing the rest of the act would increase direct spending and reduce revenues by a total of $1,280 billion.

    People who are heavily invested in hatred for President Obama will find reasons, however unsupported by facts, to blame him for any and everything they don't like.

    Obama is not responsible for the fiscal disaster bush & company created, and left behind.

    Bush got Obama into a mess that any president would have a hard time recovering from. On top of the mess though, Obama has done his best to make things worse so both presidents are to blame.

    Folks who don't like him, will say anything, We have seen how he treats his wife, and how they are raising two great daughters, your unsubstantiated rumor did not come from a neutral source. Rand Paul is also one with a lot of unsubstantiated comments about the President. These assumptions are cruel, and yes, unsubstantiated. It is a baseless smear. The "hate" just blows me away, and the cons, whose popularity, is around 8%, has nothing to offer, so denigrating the President is all they have . I haven't heard any solutions or ideas from them that would help the country to move forward, The Congress has past, only meaningless legislation, and repealed nothing. 40 tries to eliminate the health care law, is insane. The divide between the haves, and the have not is big. The middle class is something the cons don't care about, they just come up with all the sh*ty comments, and rumors they can think of. The economy is stagnant, thanks to the Congress (passing the sequester). And the filibustering in the Senate is at a ridiculous, and unnecessarily high. It's just right wing crap, nobody else is saying it.

    Is Obama a muslim? I dont think so.
    Obama is a strong supporter of Israel and a lot of his policies go against american values in order to further the cause of zionism. The majority of the Muslim world is against zionism, and so the fact that Obama is so pro-zionist, plus the fact that he is responsible for killing way more muslims than any previous administration, would suggest that he is NOT a muslim.

    Speaking of pathological liars, all you others that keep saying President Obama is from Kenya, until you have proof shut your pie hole. Instead of proving he is not an American you should try and prove he is from Kenya. Just because people hate because we have a black president you should imply things without evidence he is from Kenya.